Given the choice, where would you go on a family holiday?

Where would you want to go?

From time to time we get approached by accommodation and travel products with ideas for giving away holiday prizes to our facebook, twitter and newsletter subscribers.

But do you know what!

We don’t think that is the right approach as some of the prizes are just not family focused or friendly so we want to turn the circle around a little. I would love to hear from you the reader, the mum, the dad, the grandparent, the facebook friend, our twitter follower etc.

Where would you like to win a family holiday?  Let us know.  Armed with this information we will then tell all the great travel providers. This is what the friends, readers and fans at Little Nomads are interested in when it comes to great family holiday prize..

So if you can spare less then 20secs drop a comment below on what family destination or type of holiday you would like to win, or let us know over on our facebook page . The we can roll up the sleeves and see what we can find and source to fill the prize box with a great holiday give-away which fits the needs of our readers..

About the author

James is the founder of Little Nomads a travel site which focuses on all things about traveling with kids. He lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with his wife and two energetic kids which keep him on his toes. Weekends, you can find him on or in the water around Pittwater. James also hates writing about himself in the 3rd person! Follow James on twitter @littlenomads or Google Plus +James Hayward

2 thoughts on “Given the choice, where would you go on a family holiday?

  1. Jill Walton

    Disneyland! i was taken there as a child & would love to take my kids. I would also love to take the kids on an adventure holiday to Vietnam or Malaysia to experience a different culture & different animals like elephants & monkeys.

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