Top Ten Tropical Holidays for Families

Nothing says summer holiday like lazing in the sun at a tropical getaway. Sun, sea and surf is the secret formula to the ultimate retreat from city living. Choosing a destination for you and your family can be a challenge as young ones need to be taken into account as much as the adults. Of course, by its very nature, a tropical holiday usually means plenty of time on the beach or around the swimming pool, which is already going to go down very well with children. Still, the trick is to opt for a destination that everyone (including toddlers, teens and adults) can enjoy.

Here are 10 of the world’s best tropical destinations for family retreats:

South Beach, Miami

South Beach, Miami – this destination may not be a secluded island in the middle of a turquoise ocean, but it certainly offers everything that makes a tropical holiday worthwhile. There are a number of local attractions and activities for young and old alike, including the Everglades National Park, Miami Seaquarium and the Miami Children’s Museum.

Caribbean Islands

Dominican Republic, Caribbean Islands – the Caribbean, as a whole, is the quintessential tropical destination. It offers the entire spectrum of things to do – from sunbathing for hours on end, to being kept very busy with activities lies SCUBA diving, jet-skiing, canyoning, surfing and even shopping.


Phuket, Thailand – known for the affordable holiday deals available at this exquisite destination, Phuket promises a memorable holiday hotspot that is ideal for children and adults. Whether you spend time at the butterfly farm, going on elephant rides or SCUBA diving, Phuket offers an array of attractions for every age group.


Cancún, Mexico – this budget-friendly holiday retreat is the perfect combination of beauty and fun. The climate is ideally suited to holiday-makers wanting to spend time on the beaches or for those more interested in exploring ancient Mayan ruins. Cancún is inexpensive, allowing you to enjoy your time without the added burden of worrying about finances.

The Bahamas

Atlantis, The Bahamas – this is a huge resort and water park that is guaranteed to keep you and your family occupied for days on end. Water slides, tubing down man-made rivers, braving rapids and swimming with dolphins are all part of the Atlantis experience.

British Virgin Islands

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands – originally called “The Fat Virgin” by Christopher Columbus, the Virgin Gorda Island is known for its unique geological formations, The Baths. Here, enormous graphite formations form exquisite grottoes, which make these beaches just about perfect. There are a number of historical ruins that make Virgin Gorda both fascinating and fun for families.


Robert’s Grove, Belize – the resort at Robert’s Grove in Belize is a premier one that is all about luxurious living. While taking a family there becomes rather costly, the monkey habitats, Mayan ruins and stunning reef (with all the activities and attractions that accompany it) are sure to be a winner amongst every member of your crew. Packages and formal tours are available to assist with the organisation of a family getaway.

Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii – this island remains the busiest in terms of visitors. It is home to the world-famous Waikiki Beach and nearby Honolulu is bustling with a fab party life and plenty of shopping opportunities. The swimming and surfing beaches are spectacular and outdoor enthusiasts will love the hiking and snorkelling opportunities here.

Pirate’s Island Waterpark, Caribbean

Pirate’s Island Waterpark, Caribbean – you will be hard-pressed to find a tropical getaway as appealing to kids as a water park. Pirate’s Island is guaranteed to delight children from toddlers to teens, but also has plenty to do for adults who want to relax and be pampered.

Big Island, Hawaii

Big Island, Hawaii – this island is all about majestic volcanoes and beautiful beaches. It is simply brimming with natural sights, as well as a number of fun activities (such as surfing, swimming, hiking and camping).


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